Saturday, May 11, 2013

Animal art - part 2

First time swapper Christie says this little guy emerged from some altered junk mail

Here's an ATC from Christina:

Two funky giraffes from Currie:

Ellen's animals are collaged from torn papers

Frances rested her owls on a bed of torn tissue paper, and her crab card evolved from an art date with her granddaughter.

Joyce  sent mixed media dogs and donkeys.

Marsie drew this fanciful giraffe.

Ria sent these three lovely hand drawn ATCs.

A bird in the round from Trula:

Carroll created this fabulous mythical creature, whose feathers and feet move!
(stay tuned for our articulated paper doll swap coming soon!)


  1. Some nice ones here! By the way, the owl girl comes off that cardboard, she was tied on to it to keep her safe through the mail...she has a little loop on the back for hanging. Love your little critter Christie!

    1. Yes - I meant to say that in the post! I though about taking her off of her transport cardboard for the photo, but I knew I'd never get her back on there as nicely for the next part of her journey.

    2. Thanks! Funny how such creatures can just appear...

  2. Fabulous animals and boxes, maybe I will catch up one of these days........xox

  3. Such wonderful little works of Art!

  4. So wonderful! Wow.
    Bummed I didn't get my inspiration out for this swap, but another opportunity will happen :D I'm sure.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful beasts!

  5. Could you please tell me how I can get a hold of marsie? I would like to thank her for the zeebie giraffe postcard.