Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Round postcards - part 3, and a few more black & white ATCs

Before we dive into the latest round postcards, I failed to post these two beauties for the black and white doodle ATC swap from Lucinda:

I mailed all of these out on Saturday - hopefully most of you have received them by now.

Now for the next batch of round cards.  Here is what I've received as of Thursday, April 11th.
I've haven't been able to check my mail since then because I'm on vacation!
(I'm having mail withdrawal)

Here's one from Carlene

and one from Chris:

the next three are from Corrine:

 This next bunch is from Currie:

Damien joins us for the first time (Welcome! hope we see you again!)

these two are from Ellen: 


Here's one from Gina:

Joanne also joins us for the first time, and sent these two:

This second one from Joanne has to be seen to be believed.  It's about a half inch thick, with a hollow section, covered by a transparent layer, with cool little things floating inside:

this side view gives you a little better sense of what I mean.

This one is from Judith:

The next four are from Katie: 

Kelsey's back for her second swap:

Laura  joins us for the first time with these two cards:

these three are from Lauri:

Happy to see Paula join us for the first time!
She sent these two:

Here's one from Polly:

Robin is another new swapper and sent these two:

Tameko is also here for the first time.

Welcome to all the new swappers - I'm so excited to see so many new artists join the fun.
I can't wait to get home on Friday and see what other beautiful things await me in my mailbox.
(and bear with me while I catch up on all my scanning and posting!)


  1. Wow!!!!! the round cards are all wonderful. I can't believe how different they all are.

  2. What great ideas everyone had for the round format.