Saturday, April 6, 2013

Round postcards - part 2

Before we get started with the eye candy, put your hands together and give a big MMSA welcome to first-time swappers Christina and Allison!
We're so happy you joined the fun.
 Now go forward and enjoy this beautiful batch of round postcards.

Two from Christina:

Two from Colleen: 

One from Joanna:

Two from Joyce:

Three from Kathy:

Four from Laurie:

One from Allison:

One from Peggy:

Round cards need to be in the mail to me by Monday, April 8th


  1. Yay! Such Beautiful Work!

  2. Beautiful, every one.

  3. Welcome to new swappers....beautiful rounds...I am so behind, got to cathc up today and mail out a whole bunch of things to you! xox

  4. Love the round postcard idea and LOVE what everyone has done with them! Beautiful work!!