Monday, April 15, 2013

Altered Playing Cards - Due May 13th

For this swap we will use a standard playing card to create an original piece of art

 Decorate it any way you wish, but leave enough of the card showing for it to be identifiable as a playing card.

Swap Details:
  • alter a playing card (or cards) and put your name and email address on the back
  • place your completed card(s) in an envelope with an address label and postage.  (find out how much it will cost to mail your package to me and include that much money/postage so that I can mail it to someone else)
  • If you make more than one, place something between the cards so they don't stick together in the mail (use wax paper, parchment, etc)
  • Feel free to include a little note for your partner
  • Get the envelope in the mail to me by May 13th
  • Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury MA 01545 (United States)


  1. I am so excited you're hosting this one! I have been making and collecting APCs for almost a year now. I love them :)

  2. Hi Karen, if I send 6 altered postcards from Spain would it be better to put two into three envelopes then send 1.10$ for each envelope?
    Melva Bates

    1. Hi Melva,
      I think I will send six new ones back to you in a single envelope. I expect it will be cheaper to send one larger envelope than three letters. I just checked out the US postal service price calculator and I can sent up to 2 ounces for $2.90 (and after weighing some cards/envelope on my kitchen scale it shouldn't weigh more than that)

    2. Hello there Karen,
      Thanks so much for sending a reply so quickly. I will weigh them to see what they weigh and send a little more just in case???? have to get my thinking cap on for changing to kilos!!!! Thanks again.

    3. Don't worry about weighing them. Yours will most likely get sent within the US for the price of a standard stamp. I'll be mailing you back a variety of 6 cards (and I won't know what they will weigh until I pack the envelope). It will be fine!

    4. Hi Karen I have sent you a little more via pay pal for post as you have to do so much admin. Thankyou again.

    5. well thanks, Melva! you're very kind.