Monday, March 18, 2013

through my window - part 2

 Here are the remaining "window" cards, getting ready to go out to their new homes.
I love the wonderfully creative visions everyone came up with.

If any of these guys are hanging around Barbara's windows, I'm heading to her house for a visit.

Judith's "world of mysteries" includes the view of a pool and seascape from her recent travels.  Hopefully the lion didn't come in for a visit.

Frances does a lot of art experiments with her grandkids and uses her on-line research to inspire her own work. 

Currie started with a photograph of one of her actual windows, and worked some photoshop magic.

 Lynn combats her actual cold, dreary Connecticut view with this oasis.
Being from the same gray region of the country, I'm considering taping this card to my window.

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