Saturday, March 30, 2013

round postcards - part 1

The round postcards have started rolling in and they are spectacular.
See for yourself.

I love the way Carroll used tape to frame her wonderful flowers.

Indigo  is swapping with us for the first time.  Welcome Indigo - hope to see you in many more swaps!

Elaine used an old school folder to make this great postcard while she should have been doing her stats homework.
 Leslie's captions crack me up.

Melva is another first-time-with-MMSA swapper.  Her postcards are fabulously layered and textured.

Tina's card has a great 60's mod kind of feel to it.  I'd like to see that as fabric!

You've got until April 8th to send something round of your own.


  1. these were so fun, i just hope that tape doesn't cause a problem...

  2. Love these!! So great pieces of art here!

  3. oops, that should have been *some" :-)

  4. Marvie, love the Reginald one as well, cute. xox

  5. Thank you so much for doing this! It was fun :)

  6. These are amazing! What a great swap idea.