Monday, February 11, 2013

Under the Sea - part 1

Currie has sent these two marvelous pieces for the Under the Sea swap.
They are 4x6 canvas boards covered with glorious layers of paint, paper and fabric.
The seals (or are they sea lions?) stand out from the canvas.

Beautiful, aren't they?
Now go - stop singing the song from The Little Mermaid and make some undersea art.  You've got until February 18th.  Details are here.


  1. I'll have to pretend I can partake- I snorkeled this morning, so does that count? :). Can't wait to see more undersea beauties!

  2. wow!! you make me smile. which is a pretty big thing today!!! thanks for the kind words, and seals is fine. actually they are based on the ones in Monterey and I am NOT certain there is really a huge difference BEtween seals and sea lions.

  3. These cards are so vibrant and beautiful! The world here is bright, icy white everywhere you look, high and low. So it's especially lovely to see such brilliant colors, and I can almost hear the seals barking.

  4. I just came across this wonderful site. i dont think i can take part in the under the sea one but definitely on the next theme.
    please keep me posted or let meknow if i could send now for this under the sea if its not too late. thanks ria

    1. Hi Ria,
      I'd love to have you join the swaps! If you can get an "under the sea" themed piece out by Tuesday the 19th it will arrive here in time for the swap.

  5. ok karen I can do that. I will work on it today x
    thanks for letting me join in. I love your idea, wow.

  6. Already done my mail piece. in the box today