Friday, February 1, 2013

blue part 5, collage part 3

Check out these great blue postcards from Shirley:

and these beauties from Chris:

Chris also sent a card for the collage challenge.  She collaged the front and the back, so I scanned both sides.

This wraps up these two swaps.
Cards will go out to you all in Monday's mail.


  1. One right after the next, all so beautiful!

  2. These people certainly know how to rise to a challenge.

  3. I recognized Chris's right away.....and Shirley's are so much fun. Love her birdie. xox

  4. You are so cool. How do you stand yourself without wearing a parka?!

    Thanks for scanning both sides. I didn't take a back photo.

    I'm just now getting to showing my cards on my blog and saying my my my multiple times. And I'm starting to panic, because I totally FORGOT about the yellow card and the head card. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!

    (It used to be a problem with the law, but my therapist worked that out)