Thursday, January 17, 2013

collage sheet postcards part 1

I was so excited to get the first batch of cards made from the collage sheets.
It's very cool to see everyone's different approach to the challenge.

The first two are from Ellen, complete with wonderful Haiku:

Next are Corrine's cards:

And I couldn't resist my own challenge and made the next three:

These two belong to Lynn:

and this one is from Lee:

Pretty cool, huh?
You've still got all weekend to try your hand at this yourself.
The collage sheets can be downloaded from the original swap post.


  1. Oh what a different take from Lee. My printer spit out pink instead of brown, oh well. xox

  2. Love seeing all the different takes on this cool challenge. My card is on the way, along with two for the Blue swap.

  3. Wow thes are all so beautiful and inspiring!

  4. Fantastic. Love all the individual interpretations!