Saturday, November 3, 2012

Judith's journal

Time to take a look at Judith's journal!

 sprinkled throughout her pages are bits of text and funny collaged items.
 You won't be able to see all the details in the video, but trust me, every time I look through it there's something new to see.

You can see more of Judith's work on her wonderfully named blog, Sticky Fingers on Paper.


  1. Beautiful colors! Love that little tea bag pocket too. Such a wonderful idea!

  2. Karen, It was fun to watch you try to separate those sticky pages as you paged through my journal. Made me laugh (though I don't usually laugh at the afflicted.) Of course I had the same experience when I was working on it. Glue stick and Xyron both leave a lot of sticky residues and I just call it the "hidden cost of adhesion."