Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall postcards part 2

The "Fall" postcards are rolling into my mailbox like so many acorns.
I will try not to hoard them like a squirrel.

This one is from Chris

 This one from Corrine

 Two from Marsie

and then three from Carlene:

but wait....
these next two from Carlene....
you need to see these in person.
I wish I could send one to all of you.
because look!
It's real seed pods and feathers and leaves, on top of her own painted papers, stitched together, with a clear sheet of plastic stitched over the whole thing, and the quote printed on the plastic.
I know, right?
It's so cool.
I wish I'd thought of that.

Let's keep these chestnuts coming, folks.
You've got until September 21st to make some!


  1. I have such good intentions of joining up with this one. But my weekends are disappearing like so many acorns hidden away by squirrels. This weekend is a complete non-weekend and I am so cranky about it, sigh.

  2. Mail eye candy, what could be better. Who ever would have thought a visit to the PO Box would be so fun. I have a friend who waits to see what mail I get so she can get second hand mail candy! xox

  3. Love those seed pods -- but we don't have anything like that here in SF! Looks a bit like fall though -- pumpkins at the market and apple cider at the farmers market...

  4. Hi Karen,

    this is Katrin from Germany, I received one of your liberate-your-art-postcards. Since I have your address now, I'll send you one, too!

    Have a great time ...