Friday, September 21, 2012

Black and White swap - part 4

Check out this sweet card from Sam in the UK.
She tells us this is not only her first ever swap, it's her first ever handmade postcard.
(she sent another one for the fall swap too)
Well done!  Hope you keep swapping with us.

All the black and white cards are going out to their new owners tomorrow.
Watch those mailboxes!


  1. The ones I sent you never turned up?! I'm SO SAD!
    All of the B&Ws others made were so beautiful. I was looking forward to the swap so much! Bummer. :-(

  2. This is so cute! She did a wonderful job :)

  3. Fantastic job Sam!! Ooh, I love being excited about the mailbox again. It got a bit quiet there last week...