Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Memories post card - post mark by September 8th

It's back to school season in my part of the world, and to honor it I'm hosting a "school memories" post card swap.  On one side of your postcard create some images related to a memory about your school years.  It could be a good memory or a bad one, from when you were young, from high school or college - anything at all.  You can use words or collage or paint or drawing - whatever you like.
On the other side of your postcard, describe that memory in words.

  •  Create a postcard, no larger than 4"x6" depicting a memory from your school years
  • Write a message on the back explaining what that memory is and what it means to you.
  • include your name and contact information (address and/or email and/or blog) so that you partner can thank you or find out more about you.
  • leave the address section blank
  • Stick in in an envelope with:
    • a stamp (don't adhere to the postcard in case I need to send yours to someone out of the country)
    •  a mailing label with your name and address on it (I will stick it on the card I mail back to you.  This keeps me from having to decipher handwriting on the envelope you send me, and saves me time when swapping everything and mailing it back out) 
  •  mail it to me no later than September 8th:
             Karen Isaacson
             PO Box 532
             Shrewsbury, MA 01545
             United States

  • Feel free to make more than one ( you can send them to me in the same envelope).  You'll get back the number of postcards you create.  Make sure to include a mailing label and stamp for each post card you create.
  • If you live outside the US, don't include stamps, but send me $1 for postage via paypal.  email:
  • I will post your work to the blog when I receive it.  If you would like your image linked to your blog, or flickr account, or facebook page, or etsy shop (or whatever) just send me a note telling me how you want it linked.  (this is a great way to meet other artists and make lots of new friends)


  1. whoo hoo - another good 'un!

    I'm in!

  2. Super excited about this. I just picked up an old yearbook at the flea market. This should be fun!!

  3. Already on it, got two done so far....xox

  4. Mailed out mine. I am having so much fun. I'm telling everyone I know about your swap. Thank you for running these, my procrastination is decreasing...maybe a little. I threw in a few more goodies for you.