Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For The Love of Chocolate Zine Swap - Part 1

From Andrea:

From Barbara:

From Cheryl:

From Gail:

From Mary G:

From Mary U:

From Phillip:

From Rose: 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Post Card Stamps

These are the new post card stamps.  
Even though many of us mail art swappers
 may not use them as much 
if we mail out thicker, stiffer, heavier pieces of art, 
they still are pretty.  I couldn't resist 
picking up two sheets of them today.
(Two post card stamps plus one 2-cent stamp
makes up the equivalent of the Non-Machineable rate.)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Pushing The Limits- message

(Not meant as criticism, just some thoughts...)

Artists are very adventurous people, daring to express their individuality 
by experimenting with style, design and media.  
For some in this group, I think the goal is to make art and share it.  
Perhaps others, influenced by the Dada  Art movement, enjoy the thrill of challenging the postal system to deliver their creations, whether these pieces 
conform to specified parameters 
(size, shape, thickness, weight) or not.  
Maybe many of us have characteristics of both outlooks.

To paraphrase one MMSA swapper's concerns,  
"How unfortunate if hand-made works of art do not get delivered 
to their intended recipients because of design, 
or failure in packaging or postage allowances."

I have been preparing the Packaging Materials Group Swap 
pieces for distribution.  I do hope that the
thicker cards will go through the system safely. 

This morning, related thoughts prompted the following 
mimic of someone elses' cute poem about sneezing in public:

I launched some mail art "into the air."
It had to land, 'though I know not where.
I'll never know who saw it last...
My careless mailing days are past.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Washi Tape Madness (Post Card) Swap - Send to Host by April 3rd

This swap hosted by Laurie requires using real Washi Tape (not copies) for at least 50% of the design over any background. You may add extra collage elements, and/or sketch, use paint, rubber stamped images, duct tape, or masking tape as accents.
Her four lovely examples show how to cover a base paper with Washi Tape and then cut out shapes.  Or cut/tear Washi Tape to make smaller pieces before applying.

No digital art.
No photographs of Washi Tape.

CAUTION:  Washi Tape, being somewhat repositionable, is not considered "permanent."  In order to make your mail art safer through postal processing and to assist delivery intact, PLEASE use either clear tape or a sealing material to secure your layers.  Please allow sufficient drying time before placing your entries between waxed paper, then into the envelope you send your host.

Sealant Examples: 
Gel medium
Goden polymer medium
Ranger Glue 'n Seal
Mod Podge
Collage Pauge

Disclaimer:  This host makes no guarantees regarding delivery.  All pieces will be sent to participants "naked" through the mail.

THEME:  Washi Tape
MEDIA:  50% Washi tape, plus other elements if you wish
NO CORRUGATED "box board"
TECHNIQUE:  collage and...
SIZE PARAMETERS:  4+1/4" x 6" maximum Post Card size (larger pieces will require additional postage) 

  • waxed paper/parchment paper between each card
  • sufficient postage for each card
  • address labels for each card
  • adhesive tape tabs or strips on four edges of your envelope
  • email address if you want host to notify you of arrival 



Put your card(s) in an envelope and send by  April 3rd to:
Laurie Morris
1514 Senior Court
Lehigh Acres, FL   33971  USA


  • You may submit as many as four cards.  (You will get back the same number you send, each from a different artist)
  • Your cards will be mailed to your host in an envelope, and your host will mail them "naked" to other swappers.  International swappers may request to have them all mailed together in one envelope.
  • If you're sending more than one, please make sure you insert waxed paper or parchment in between the cards so they don't get stuck together in the envelope.  Things are very likely to get stuck together in the envelope if you use glue, paint or sealant
  • Write “MMSA - " on the back of each card to remind your recipient why they are receiving this wonderful work of art in the mail.
  • Please write your return address on the back of the postcard (in case of postal delivery problems) and consider including your email address so the recipient can thank you.  A short friendly note or good wishes on the message side are always appreciated. 
  • Leave the right side of the postcard blank (the part where the address goes)
  • Include a mailing label with your name and address for each card you create
    (Your host will attach them to the cards she mails back to you)

  •  Please include the proper postage in the envelope or adhere stamps to your postcards (see below for postal guidelines)
  • Postcards made from thicker cardboard (therefore stiff/not easily bendable)  will need non-machinable postage.  Thank you.
Postage and Card Size
  • In order to use the postcard rate ($.34) your card cannot be bigger than 4+1/4 x 6 inches, and it must be thin and flexible.  A card that is thick, lumpy or doesn't bend, will require more postage. 
  • If your card is a rectangle bigger than a postcard, but still flat and flexible, a regular "forever" ($.49 ) stamp is what you need. 
  • If your card is an unusual shape (square, round) or is flexible but has some lumpy embellishments it will probably cost you the "non machinable" rate of $.70
  • If your card doesn't bend at all, the post office may consider it a package and you should go get it weighed to figure out the proper postage.
INTERNATIONAL SWAPPERS - contact the swap host regarding using PayPal to cover return mailing postage, or make other arrangements.

You can find all the postal specifications (and a handy postage calculator) here:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Repetition and Variation - Part 3

Two from Laimi:

Four from Dorothea:

Two from Lorraine:

Four from Sarah C:

Three from Veebee:

Four from Cheryl:

Friday, February 17, 2017


I'm still figuring out how to draft, save, and post new swap announcements.  Please either scroll down to the bottom on this home page and click several times on  OLDER POSTS, or go to the OPEN SWAPS tab at the top of this page to find the link to the newest swap listing description which is dated 2/6/17. That's what happens when I work too far ahead of myself.  Thanks for your patience. Honi