2017 Informal Exchange Sign-Up

Interested in a less formal way to send and receive art in the mail?   Here are the names and addresses of others who enjoy swapping hand made postcards or other types of mail art.  Add your name and address at the bottom of the page, and feel free to introduce yourself!  If you don't feel comfortable posting your mailing address, you might start with a contact email address.  
You may send mail to anyone on the list, 
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PLEASE put your return mailing address on every piece of mail 
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Also, including your email address allows recipients to respond more quickly. 

For INTERNATIONAL SWAPPING:  Indicating the country of 
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  1. Hi! I just discovered MMSA a few months ago and within these few months have already participated in 7 swaps or so, enjoying the challenge of the topics and, most importantly, the inspiration that comes from other participants' art - not to mention the new friendships! I would be happy to informally exchange art of any kind. I mostly do collage work and, as a translator by profession, love to sneak in the occasional word to get a little message across. I have a huge collection of used stamps from all over the world, so if you would like to get some, just let me know. You can reach me on: andreaf@facettenreich.at

    My postal address:
    Andrea Farthofer
    Viehtriftgasse 10/16
    A-1210 Vienna
    Austria / Europe

    1. Would love to exchange mail art with you...I have been doing mail art for about 4 years and love the connection I make and love receiving the beautiful art! You can connect with me Kay Brennan 5 Beech Road Elliot Lake Ontario Canada P5A 2B1

  2. Happy New Year! I love postcards with your art!

    Linda Richards
    2509 Rose Hill Lane
    Riverbank, CA 95367

    1. Hi Linda, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent at the beginning of January? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  3. Excited about participating in 2017! Looking forward to developing new friendships and continuing the old ones. I always reply and if you don't hear back from me - let me know in a comment and I will try again (sometimes international mail gets lost). Enjoy trading postcards (collage is my favorite, but willing to experiment), ATCs and paper ephemera.

    Iryna Barysava
    per. Gogolya, 17-104
    212011, Mogilev

  4. Hello! After several months' hiatus due to a move across country, I am now settled and eager to participate in MMSA again in 2017. I love trading postcards, ATC's, painted papers and paper ephemera suitable for collage.

    Joy Meadows
    9777 Centre Circle
    Parker CO 80134-3355

    1. Hi Joy
      I'd love to swap ATC's and postcard art with you.
      Patrice Salmieri

    2. Hi Joy, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent at the beginning of January? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  5. Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I would love to swap some art via the Mail! I have done one of these before but unfortunately found that I didn't always get a reply!

    83 Mercer Crescent
    BB4 4RG

    1. Hi Danielle, I can absolutely relate to what you say. When I first discovered MMSA a few months ago, I sent out a dozen cards but only got a single reply. Still, I believe the recipients will be happy even if they do not find the time to reply. Will send something your way in the next few days! My details, if you wish to send me something, too, are the first ones in the 2017 list. Happy crafting, Andrea

    2. Danielle, Shall we assume that your country is ENGLAND?

    3. Hi Danielle, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent at the beginning of January? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  6. I'm in again for the 3rd year, will alway send back something, but it may take a while.

    Sarah Cavanaugh
    697 Fair View Ave.
    Penn Yan, NY 14527

    1. Hi Sarah, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent at the beginning of January? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  7. I have enjoyed being in this group for the past 2 years. Looking forward to another year.

    Faith Diaz
    PO Box 37510
    San Antonio, TX 78237

  8. Let's trade art!

    Leah Povloski
    1400 Broadfield
    Suite 200
    Houston, Texas 77084


  9. I'm not sure what year this is for me. If you send me a postcard, ATC, or collage material, I will send something in return. I love it all!

    Valerie Kemp
    2117 N. Moody Ave.
    Fullerton, CA 92831

    1. Hi Valerie, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent at the beginning of January? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

    2. I didn't receive it. Sorry for the delay in response. I'll be sending you a postcard this week. Peace, Valerie

  10. Hi All - in for another year ....
    Finally got a PO Box address ....
    Happily exchange mail art informally - I will always reply ... if you have sent me something and havent heard back from me - please email me :- migdee@telkomsa.net - South African mail can take between 6-8 weeks to reach me and vice versa ....
    Happy Swapping !!!!

    Dee Rodrigues
    Postnet Suite 565
    Private Bag X3
    Northriding, 2162
    Gauteng; South Africa

    1. Dee: I will have mail art heading your way tomorrow. Picked a stamp that has a special story (letter included in the envelope, to explain). Will email you, too, but in case that doesn't get through, I posted here as well.

    2. Thank you so much Joanne - it sounds exciting !!!! I will let you know when it arrives ....

    3. Dee, thanks a lot for your lovely packet, I will also prepare some nice for you. Cheers. San from Israel

  11. I'm in again for 2017 ... let's swap!

    Kathy Davis
    8066 Cast-a-Way
    Mason, OH USA 45040

    1. Hi Kathy, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent in January? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  12. Hello, my name is Lea & I love art with a passion. I've never participated in an art exchange before but have always wanted to. I think it would be really neat and they could help all kinds of artists by giving them a new perspective of art from all around the world. I'm always looking for new inspiration in my artwork, and would love to spread inspiration as well! (:

    Lea Gabriel
    2307 Applewood Drive
    Clayton, NC 27520

  13. Simply Sarah's
    659 Alimo Rd
    Milford, NE 68405

  14. Ruth Echeverria
    325 Standiford Ave. #1
    Modesto, CA., 95350

  15. Hi
    My name is Daniel this is my first full year. I can' wait to trade. I apologize if I have not responded to anyone. But my address is
    Daniel Rothenberg
    3 Mill Neck Lane
    Pittsford, NY 14534

  16. Happy to exchange mail art envelopes, postcards, ATCs, etc.
    Sher Gonzales
    3580 Pall Mall Dr Apt 2401
    Jacksonville FL 32257-5486

  17. I'm in again. I like almost anything you send. I have received some very interesting pieces in the past. I make purses and bags. Let me know if I can send you one.

    Melanie Lucas
    5712 Woodridge Lane
    Sherwood, AR 72120

    1. Hi Melanie, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent in March? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  18. Hi !
    Love to swap tag art, postcards, epherma, stamped art cards. Will respond to all !
    Debbie Barnett
    330 Mt. MItchell Way
    Johns Creek, Ga. 30022

    1. Hi Debbie, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent in March? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  19. Hi Everybody!
    Happy to swap whatever you'd like. International welcome
    Lynn McIntosh
    728 Santa Lucia Ave. S.
    Lehigh Acres, FL 33974

    1. Hi Lynn, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent in March? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

    2. Oh, Andrea, I just saw this today 6/24. I sent a reply on 3/30, did you receive it? I'm so sorry I never checked my own name on here, lol. If it didn't arrive I will gladly resend. I will send you an email to follow up :)

  20. Hello 2017 Mail Artists!
    I'm happy to sign up for a second year on MMSA. I've enjoyed the awesomeness that has shown up in my mailbox now and them.

    Patty Davidson
    Just Letter Rip
    158 Greek Miller Rd
    Crockett, VA 24323

    1. Hi Patty, Have you received the Happy Mail I sent in March? Would love to hear back from you! Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

  21. Anyone interested in exchanging Zentangle art postcards?

    1. Love to do Zentangle! Would enjoy sharing Zentangle postcards with you! My address is 5 Beech Road Elliot Lake ON. P5A 2B1 Canada. Kay Brennan ...just learning shading and Tangles

  22. Very interested in exchanging mail art with anyone and everyone... I will always reciprocate!!!

    Josh Kemp
    8323 Blackburn Ave. apt #6
    Los Angeles, CA 90048

  23. Happy to receive mail and will answer. I make collage from junk mail and will start sending some to those on the list above.

    Robyn Banks
    10 Beltana Road
    Pialligo ACT
    Australia 2609

  24. I love exchanging art in the mail, and I respond to every piece of mail I receive. I would love to see your creations!

    Denise Woodward
    PO Box 5506
    Berkeley, CA. 94705

  25. Hi, I would love to swap paper craft material, also hand-made paper.
    San Gayer
    106 Yaziz

  26. I would love to exchange art postcards.
    Donna Campbell
    2630 Wilmore Road
    Nicholasville, KY 40356

  27. I would love to receive any kind of art, but especially art revolving around something you are passionate about, i.e. Fan Art.

    I'd also love to draw something that you want!

    You can email me at KyraPenPal@yahoo.com

    Or my address
    Kyra L. Scher
    10736 Jefferson Blvd
    Culver City, CA, 90230

  28. Very much enjoy exchanging postcards. I will gladly respond to all received mail. This was very enjoyable last year ♥
    Hannah Barber
    299 Old Gettysburg Way
    Dallas, GA 30157

  29. Honi I received Mail from you today!
    Thank-You! IVe been MMSA for over three years. I try to mail back within a month.
    Anybody that would like to swap....my address
    Nancy Calvert
    1013 Chapel Hill
    St. Peter's, Mo. 63376

    1. Would you like to trade atc,s or painted,crafted ,postcards?

  30. sat 04/15/17 10:20AM
    san francisco, ca

    hello, all;

    i'd love to exchange some mail art with folks. i started doing MA in the late 1980s or early 1990s, went great guns for quite a while, then stopped my art exchange activities quite another while. now i would like to start again. please send mail art to my street address; i will respond with a peculiar handmade postcard or thing of that ilk. the address is:

    Velcrow DeLux
    c/o R. Isabell
    20 12th St. #527
    san francisco ca usa 94103

    or you can email me at thedelux1@gmail.com if you'd prefer.

    thanx a zillion for your attention and time,

    That Velcrow Character [aka Sparrow 13]

  31. Hello all! I exchanged mail art with quite a few people here on MMSA last year, but for one reason and another I haven't for a few months - I'd love to start participating again! I love to exchange postcards, ephemera, ATCs, painted papers - pretty much anything :) I respond to everything received :) Looking forward to exchanging with both old friends and new! Here are my details:

    Nikki Haig
    298 Waverley Road
    B2X 2C6
    Nova Scotia

    See you in the mail!

  32. Hi! I would LOVE to trade! New at this so be patient! Blessings!

    Jo Myron
    4011 N Exxon
    Odessa, TX. 79764


  33. How exciting. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I'd love to exchange art with you. Surprise me! I promise to respond to everyone I hear from.

    Jodi Williams
    8206 Bent Tree Dr
    West Chester, Ohio 45069


  34. Mail me some Art? yes please
    Sending out is adventure - receiving a little gift!
    Happy to participate and learn from others.

    Sweelinckhof 52
    4536 HC Terneuzen
    the Netherlands

  35. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Michele. I would like to exchange art postcards with Fellow Canadians (to keep this activity within my budget). My story is that I graduated with a BFA from art college like 3+ years ago now, and am finally crawling out of my art production hiatus. I am exploring all the little ways to just have fun with art again and get connected with other creative strangers. Email me if you want to swap some work... it'll be nice to receive things besides bills in the mail.<3

  36. Kayenderes Kayenderes
    PO Box 384 PO Box 1077
    27 Sweet Grass Lane Hogansburg, NY
    Akwesasne, QC USA 13655
    Canada H0M 1A0
    I have two address and would love to learn and share post cards, any size and made of any thing. Just love mail. I am 74 and live on Mohawk reservation and both address are legal. Please contact me at Kayenderes@bell.net. I would love to start swapping soon. thank you . I have only one name Kayenderes. do not call me Kay please

  37. Wold anyone like to trade postcards? Anna kookaboo2@icloud.come or sent to: Anna Fitzpatrick
    73 Pleasant Hill Road
    Limerick, ME 04048
    I will return promptly.

  38. Hi, my name is Cara Febe Giaquinto, most folks call me Febe. I just discovered this site and find it interesting. I"m a LONG LONG time stamper. I esp. love making greeting cards.

    I would love to trade or swap or just begin a friendship thru the mail. I have a ton of Forever Postal international postal stamps (once exchanged mail with a friend in Australia but she passed.)

    Anyway, send me a card, and I"ll send you one too! Just mention your from this online group so I know where you came from.

    USA or International welcome. Any theme is fine too.

    Febe Giaquinto
    10067 E. Durham Rd.
    Dewey, AZ 86327

  39. hi, i just wrote a post and when it 'went' the program gave the wrong email address..

    Mebefebe@aol.com is the correct address that I respond to.

    I have no clue why the wrong address was sent.

  40. hello!

    my name is lars. i primarily make and distribute zines, but im open to revieicing all sorts of art.

    i am currently undergoing a massive project where im collecting empty cigarette boxes, so if there are any smokers on this thread, let me know! id love some empty packs from different countries or rare packs, but ill love a standard empty marlboro 100s pack just as well.

    i really like making and recieving colages, stickers, and patches as well! i love putting together packages. a long term penpal would be cool too! but again, im open to recieving any kind of art in the mail.

    thank you all for what u do!

    lars davis
    705 shepard st
    lansing mi 48912

  41. I have been unable to swap anything because of my health and know I am trying to get back in slowly. I only trade ATCs and only USA at this time.

    Robin Walters
    14602 Old Greensboro Road
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

  42. Hello Fellow Artists,
    Over the years,I have been in quite a few ATC, mail art groups for years, but had to take a break, due to relocating and would love to get involved with the group again. I have missed the excitement of getting all of the fun filled envelopes with phenomenal artwork from all over! I can't wait to get going again and would love to swap with anyone who would like to! Anyone who sends me mail will always get some back in return! I look forward to swapping with all of you in the near future. Thank you.

    Lisa Ricchio
    15 Northwood Rd
    Yarmouth, ME 04096

  43. Hello Fellow Artists,

    It's been a few years now, since I have been involved in any ATC and Mail art groups. I can't even start to tell you how much I have missed the excitement of getting the mail, to find phenomenal artwork from people from all over the world again! I am so excited to begin swapping with everyone again! Anyone who sends me mail, will always get mail back in exchange, as I love swapping! Thank you for letting me be a part of the fun and I can't wait to get started!

    Lisa Ricchio
    15 Northwood Rd
    Yarmouth, ME 04096

  44. Hi All! Earlier this year I had posted about sharing art with residents at the skilled nursing facility I work at. Thank you so much for all the responses! The program is going really well and the residents are very excited. We're still looking for more folks to exchange art and letters with, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

    Also, I thought it might be fun to look for people who would want to send homemade holiday cards to our residents. This wouldn't necessarily lead to an exchange, but may just end up being a nice gesture. Lots of our residents are very isolated and have few friends and family, so any acknowledgement is very much appreciated. If you feel like taking part, cards/art can be sent to me directly and I will distribute them all at the same time. If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Jenn Ross, MAAT
    Arts Programming Coordinator
    Chicago Methodist Senior Services
    1415 W. Foster Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60640

    Thanks so much!! Happy Holidays!