Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A New MMSA Volunteer

Joining a new online group can be a daunting endeavor for the hesitant and shy.  (Many of us are introverts, I am guessing.)  One never knows if one will be accepted or not.  Several people have mentioned how much it meant to them when they received mail art at the beginning of their MMSA experience.  I remember being so excited about the possibilities when I first discovered Karen's MMSA blogsite in 2012.

I am happy to announce that Lynn Mc. has offered to contact those who enter their information on the 2018 Informal Exchange Sign-up list.  She will also check the Wanna Trade? page on occasion, and we will do our best to take note of new participants in the group swaps.  

Lynn now has the designation of "Official Welcoming Committee" and will include the MMSA blogsite address in her contact emails or postcards.  It is very generous of her to volunteer her time and efforts in this regard, with hopes of making MMSA even more attractive to those who find us.  

My thanks to Lynn, and also to others who reach out to include those who are either just getting started with mail art or who have wandered in from other sites, looking for a new art experience.  Your efforts to greet or contact new participants are greatly appreciated.  Honi

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