Saturday, June 3, 2017

This Was My Workspace

This is a sewing room/craft room I had in a different place, a different time.  It was during my quilt-making phase.  Perhaps this will give someone some ideas for storage:

Sections of  a wall between two rooms were cut out (between the studs) and finished off with shelves to make cubby holes which I painted with four or five different pastel colors.  A long, old, very heavy solid wooden sales counter (from a multi-storied department store that finally closed after decades and decades) served as a cutting table and assembly surface.  Plastic baskets on shelves underneath held fabrics arranged by color.  A tall narrow bookshelf also provided storage and display space.  This area was the highlight of the long room above a deep garage, although a large floor-to-ceiling four-door closet attached to one wall held lots of supplies.  (It was a clothes storage closet before I added shelving.)

My sewing machine cabinet was in one corner.  A huge flat metal map case (wide with shallow drawers) perched on a wooden dining room table in another corner.  A higher counter unit filled a third corner of the room.  Seven windows as well as overhead fluorescent light fixtures made it a consistently bright space.  Sometimes I miss having a room like this all to myself.  And I do wish I still had the map case, sigh...

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  1. I love that room, and don't know why I hadn't seen it before. Ah, well, such is life, right?