Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saying Goodbye To A Mail-Art Friend

Dear MMSA Community,
Today I received the sad news that one of our mail art friends lost a difficult battle  on March 16th.  I began exchanging mail art with Andrea J. in August of 2013.  She described herself as being  "cynical" and her humor as having a "satirical bite."  Her post cards to me through the years included her witty, comic-style drawings.   She will be greatly missed.  I would be glad to mail interested persons a copy (of a copy) of her self-composed obituary if you will contact me via email.  "Goodbye Andrea..."

Cherish each person whose friendship 
(and art) graces our lives...  Honi


  1. It is sad to lose a friend, even a 'pen' friend. My condolences to all who knew her.

  2. So sad. Wish I had known her.

  3. Today in the mail....I received five postcards and ephemera that I had sent to Andrea over the past year....with a letter enclosed from her friend Bonnie.....who has been going through Andreas things. She mentioned that she has taken ownership of Andreas dog. I enjoyed Andreas humor.....RIP......Love Nancy