Sunday, March 12, 2017


Some of us in the U.S.A. were supposed to move our clocks forward- last night, in fact.  So, where does that lost hour go?  Yes, it's light later into the evening, but we have to retire earlier than we might want to. And get up earlier than we are used to.  Every year, same drill. 
But it's never easy to adjust... 


  1. Nope, it's not easy adjusting at all. Too bad we can't choose one "time" and just stay in that one, right?

    Joyce B.

  2. I agree with both of you. Where does that hour go? And why not choose one and go with it? Some of my relatives from the rural areas tell me, it was to help the farmers to have more daytime to get their crops in during harvest time. But wouldn't that mean less daylight in the morning hours? But since my Grandpaw was a farmer I know he always got up before daylight, (Winter or Summer) to feed the livestock even before he had his own breakfast. He then came back and had a huge breakfast. Courtesy of my hard working, Grandmaw, who had gotten up at 4 A. M. to make on a wood/coal burning cook-stove. (she made the fire, ground her own coffee and made homemade biscuits.) Set a table for breakfast to put any resturant to shame. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Nor those yummy breakfasts that I recall.