Thursday, January 26, 2017


Dear Mail Art Swappers,  

I have been consulting with my local post office regarding the measurement and postage requirements for mailing our swap pieces.   Apparently much of the mail art I've been sending out from here has been allowed to slide under the low bar for a while now.

The four main considerations are:

Any "post card" larger than 6" long x 4+1/4" high requires FIRST CLASS letter postage (49-cents)

It seems prudent to affix UNMACHINEABLE (70-cents) to every "post card" that is any thicker than two pieces of index/cardstock.

Unbendable mail is definitely also considered UNMACHINEABLE (70-cents)

Thick envelopes and packages are a different topic, although obviously envelopes with their contents can be thicker than a POST CARD, but then- FLEXIBILITY is the issue.  Overly thick envelopes will require PACKAGE rates. Please take to an area post office counter for weighing and measuring.

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