Monday, October 10, 2016


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Flip a calendar page and you will see that we are fast approaching the extended holiday season. While this can be a stressful time, especially for those with families and other responsibilities, it is also a time of sharing and connecting with those we care about.  I feel that it is important to keep this blog site active and interesting for those who may visit, and for those who still want to participate. 

Previous PINK n' GRAY Artist's Trading Cards Swap

As I begin to put together a schedule for swaps in 2017, I am hoping that some of the experienced MMSA members will consider volunteering to guest host a swap or two. It's fun to see and sort the pieces that come in, and it really helps the blog host.  

Please CONTACT ME via email as early as possible regarding your interest in guest-hosting, especially if you are offering to guest-host a holiday-themed swap.  Remember that a group swap may take 6 weeks or more from the time we announce the swap to the time people receive their swapped pieces.  Thank you.  Honi

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