Friday, May 20, 2016

Looking for hosts

Hi everybody,

Anybody want to host a swap?  We don't have anything on the horizon and I know you are all eager to keep creating.

Send me an email if you'd like to host.  And if you've sent me one in the last few months and didn't get a response please accept my apologies and send me another - my usual organizational abilities were focused 100% on work and many many other things fell by the wayside, but I'm feeling much more myself again.  (albeit a self covered in dog slobber.)

But back to guest hosting....
here's what you need
1.  an idea
2.  a willingness to put your address on the blog
3.  the ability to take photos of the art
4.  the ability to send those photos to me as email attachments

that's about it - you don't need any photo editing capabilities or fancy equipment.  

You'll get to see all this fabulous art arrive daily in your mailbox, and have the bonus joy of all the beautiful envelopes and notes and tidbits that go along with receiving the mail.  

It's fun - it's easy - I will coach you.

email me at

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