Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mail Art swap for kids

My friend, Amy Hood, is hosting a mail art swap for kids (and their adults!)
Through a technological glitch and a preoccupied brain, I completely missed her announcement of this swap over a month ago.  Even though she told me she was planning on doing it, and even though I told her to feel free to model it after MMSA swaps and borrow whatever language she needed.
I still somehow managed to overlook this until today.

But fear not, the postcards don't need to be in the mail until July 31st,
so if you know some kids who would love to make and receive some mail art, hop on over to Amy's blog for the details.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Karen!!

    1. Asking here because comments are closed on Amy's site: These need to be postmarked by July 31st, right? Not received by the 31st?

    2. Sorry about that--they automatically close after two weeks because otherwise the spam is uncontrollable. :( I'd like them by July 31 if possible BUT if it's tight just let me know to look for them and I'll wait. My email address (also in the main post) is amyhood at amyhoodarts dot com. Because I didn't want to put my home address in the post (I don't have a PO Box) I do ask folks to email me and then I'll send out my mailing address that way. Any other questions, please let me know, and thanks for your interest!