Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Map postcards - part 1

Have you started working on your map postcards yet?
These wonderful people have already sent theirs in!
Perhaps they will inspire you to make your own.
You've got until March 31st to drop them in the mail.

Four from Cathy:

Three from Christie:

Two from Hester:

Four like this from Honi:

 Two from Janice:

 One from Laura:

 Four from Laurie:

Four from Phillip:


  1. These are downright gorgeous! I guess I just HAVE to make a few(rummaging around in my way too large map stash).

  2. Nice lines on Hester's - those would have also made great grid postcards.

  3. All of the cards are creative and fun! I especially like Christie's cards; the one with the child on the bird is wonderful and looks like the beginning of a marvelous adventure.