Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Altered postcards - part 6

Here's the final batch of Altered Postcards.
This was such a fun swap!

Four from Cara:

Three from Carroll:

Four from Ellen:

Two from Gina:

One from Janice:

Two from Julie:

Two fro Naila:

Four from Pat:

I'm a bit behind on doing the physical swapping/mailing.
I need to get the grid postcards out, and then I will be swapping these next.
Thanks for your patience!


  1. The altered ones have been amazing. I really like Cara's sense of humor.

  2. Karen:

    How about you take a week or so "Easter/spring" break after the transparency swap? Take a chance to catch up, AND come up for air.

    Maybe when you post the next swaps, have them due starting April 28 and after?

    If we make mail art in the interim that we want to send, there is always the informal swap list, or we can send a return piece to someone we've already gotten something from. Alternatively, we could practice a new technique on our own, plant some tomatoes in the yard, or . . . etc., etc.