Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stamp heads - part 4

We may have finally reached the end of the Stamp Head ATCs.  This has been a really fun one, and it appears many of you have become hooked on the process and have kept making them even after you sent in your swap items.

One from Dana:

Four from Ellen:

Two from Faith:

Two from Kathy:


One from Julian:

Three from Joyce:

 Two from Leslie:

Four from Linda:

 One from Lucinda:

Five more from Lynn:

Five from Margaret:


One from Millicent:

Two from Susie:


I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to send these out.  I'm heading out on vacation and the swap might have to wait until I come back. 
Sit tight!  They will find their way to you soon.


  1. Yeah!!! VaCaTion!!!!!! We will ait patiently. These are a rot --love Miss Millicent's!