Sunday, September 29, 2013

Terrie's notched journals

The notched journals have started arriving and they are gorgeous!
I'm going to highlight the work of each artist separately, and include both still pictures and a video flip-through of each book.

Terrie is the artist who brought this technique to my attention and suggested we do it as a swap, so I will show you her handiwork first.
She made FOUR wonderful little books.

and now here's the video, showing you the inside pages of all four books.
(many thanks to my son Max for flipping through each page while I shot the video)


  1. They are wonderful, Terrie! I like how the pages beyond the cover give a hint to the treasures within, especially the journal with the striking black and colors.

  2. Absolutely beautiful -- really makes me wish I was in the swap! And Max did a lovely job fliiping pages.

  3. They are just SO gorgeous! Terrie is a star.