Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lee's collage sheet - part one

Hello lovely swappers.
What are you doing this weekend?  Putting the finishing touches on your postcards using Lee's collage sheet?  You've got until Monday April 15th. 
 To refresh your memory, this is the original collage sheet Lee created for us:

And here is the first round of beautiful postcards made from Lee's images.

Two from Colleen:


One from Joanne, a new swapper from Minnesota
(Welcome Joanne!)

Two from Lauri, another new swapper, from Michigan.
(Glad you found us!)

One from Laurie 

Three from Marsie 

Three from Peggy


  1. How much fun to see all the different takes on this prompt!

    I especially love the hint at a larger story in Peggy's twins' card (Were the girls happy with their job? How did the cranberries get so magically big?). And can't you almost hear the girls singing their jouncy cranberry jingle out over so many scratchy, Roaring Twenties, radio sets?

    And thus we see that even mute snail-mail can transcend an on-screen jpg to become multi-media in the eyes of the beholder . . .

  2. These are fantastic!! I can't start with the collage too or I will use up my whole weekend on mail art...just the color postcards can keep me busy long enough.

  3. OMG, these are hilarious & fabulous! Mine is waiting for me to finish things to be walked up to the PO, w/some PINK chums inside too.:D

  4. What a selection! Some very creative uses of the various components here.

  5. All of these are wonderful. I think Peggy's use of the film strip to be windows in houses was ever so clever...why don't i ever think of things like that, eh? LOL!!!


  6. Marvelous all, Peggy's crack me up! This is not ICE, lol. xox

  7. These ae all so excellent! What wonderfully talented Artists!

  8. These are too cute! Isn't it interesting how this sheet inspired stories? I had a busy week and wasn't able to finish a card to swap and I'm sorry I won't be receiving one of these. So, Karen, thanks for posting so I can see all of them.