Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Black and White Doodle ATC - Part 2

 We've had a great response to the Black and White doodle ATC challenge.  I've received 35 cards so far.  Gaze upon the loveliness of this batch!

(thanks for the suggestion for this swap, Chris dear) 

 from Colleen:

from newcomer Cyndi:
(welcome Cyndi!  Glad you found us!) 

from Elaine:

from Ellen:

(Yay Fran!  glad to see you over here!) 

from Frances: 

from Peggy:


from Shirley:

Wonderful to see everyone's personal style shine through the limited parameters of the swap.


  1. All these cards are lovely and inspirational! Elaine's little girl with the balloons is amazing. I wish Ellen's designs were printed on fabric; imagine the stunning tops and scarves they would make!

  2. Not much time to gaze upon their loveliness......I'm working on my pink postcards! :-)

  3. Goodness, there are some fantastic beauties in here!!

  4. Indigo - whoah! Coolest, most evocative beautiful doodles! Also love Peggy's second one a lot~

  5. So glad to join in! Can't wait to get mail:)