Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mandy's collage sheet - part 2

More fabulous results from Mandy's collage sheet challenge:

Two from Currie

Two from Ellen

One from Frances

Two from Gina

These next three are from Mandy herself!

One from Ria

Three from Terrie

I'm short on words today, but I didn't want to wait any longer to post these gems!


  1. So much fun and super impressive. Giraffes, fish, double vision--all fantastic! The collage sheets are challenging for me, so I especially enjoy seeing what others do with them. Thank you for posting them, Karen!

  2. It is so amazing to see all the different ways Mandy's sheet has been interpreted!!! I can only think of keeping things simple, but others have gone above and beyond pushing creativity! My heroines! :D Thanks again for providing the challenges. So glad you are doing the collage sheet series~

  3. Fantastic all round, Mandy does love fish doesn't she! xox

  4. I love how I got a postcard from Mandy herself! I don't have Mandy's email so I'll use this opportunity to say thanks, Mandy! I got the one with the three dominoes on the green background.
    Laurie in FL