Friday, March 15, 2013

green postcards part 2

It's Friday, you've got the whole weekend stretching out ahead of you, why not sit down and make some green postcards?
Need some inspiration?
I've got plenty right here:

Amy made four cards featuring a hand carved stamp that was inspired by a scarf she saw at an art museum.

Barbara's backgrounds are the most luscious emerald color, and oh how I love that flying car.

Currie is taking a year-long giraffe journey, but also made a seahorse card for good measure.

Peggy joins MMSA for the first time, and tells us this is her first postcard swap, and she's rather new to collage.  Sure wouldn't know it to look at her cards.  Welcome Peggy!

Marsie sent this lovely and harmonious card.

 Ria had so much fun with her first green postcard she decided to make another and sent it off a week later. (see what happens when you start early?)

Sam's green elephant swam across the Atlantic to me and still looks quite dapper.

 Shirley's cards positively sing with springtime.
(if only my snow would melt!)

Terrie  (who is making 365 collages in 2013) sent these fab four.

Impossible to not be inspired, don't you agree?
So get going and drop some more green in the mail by Monday. 


  1. I covet the elephant. Just saying.

  2. Some amazing cards this time! Makes me feel like spring and celebrating!

  3. Such fresh and vibrant cards--all very lovely! Welcome to Peggy who has an eye for collage, and all those birds are so beautiful. Karen, I'm with you on Barbara's fabulous flying card and also loving the intense emerald colors.

  4. Wonderful green goodness, love those giraffes. xox

  5. Love the cards! There is definitely spring in the air. I've been thinking about joining this swap for a while and never was organized enough to do it. Recently I was cutting up some old paintings into 5x7" and ATC sizes and found a lot of green, so I was inspired to jump in. I put some cards in the mail to Karen today and look forward to participating. Lucinda Howe, Columbia, South Carolina