Saturday, March 2, 2013

Facebook and Twitter

Lookie, lookie!
I've created a Facebook page for MMSA and a Twitter account.
I'm feeling wild and crazy tonight.

I will use both to announce new swaps, give updates on swap progress, and share resources for other swaps and mail art challenges.

I'd love to get more people involved in MMSA, and some folks are much more active on FB and Twitter than on blogs, so I'm trying to be user friendly.

I'll continue to use the blog as the primary format for swap announcements and art sharing.

I would love to post pictures of your work on the facebook page too, but I will check with you via email before I do.  Or, if you are happy to have me post all of your items there as well as here, just leave me a comment telling me it's okay. 

So if you're on Facebook, head over to the MMSA page and "like" it.
or start following me on twitter.
or both.
(links are in the sidebar on the right)

thanks to all of you who swap, and exchange mail, and leave comments and suggestions.  
I love this community and want to share it with more people!


  1. You are more than welcome to post my art. Thanks for starting the FB page!

  2. Yay! I saw you created a Twitter account, now I can just RT your announcements. ;) I'm not on FB at all, but I don't mind if you post pics but could you include a link? I *am* on G+ though. Maybe I should start sharing your announcements over there, too...