Friday, June 8, 2012

Sneak Peek - Summer post cards

The summer post cards have started to arrive, and boy are they beautiful!  This whole "send everything to me" idea was a good one.  I'm thoroughly enjoying getting all this beautiful mail.

So far, I have postcards from Terrie, Nydia, Dori, Jane, Carlene and Lynn.
It's not too late to join.
You still have a full week to make yours and put it in the mail!

Here's a sneak peek at what arrived this week:

What do you guys think - should I scan and post the art as it comes in the door, or should I save it all for one big blog post?  Leave me a comment.



  1. Too big a job to do it all at once I reckon.

  2. Yummy envelopes. I need to get mine out the door! I guess it would depend really on how many, you might want to spread it out and tease us all. xox

  3. Hey Fabulous Hostess - whatever is easiest for YOU! Feeling a deadline coming...!

  4. Would really like to something new posted quite often, so maybe do a few as they come in, instead of a whole bunch all at once? Whatever works for you, really.